Recreational fishers in WA are now allowed to use trigger traps to catch octopus!

RECREATIONAL fishers in WA are now allowed to use trigger traps to catch octopus, after the Department of Fisheries agreed to a two-year trial following an approach from Recfishwest.


Trigger traps are used by the commercial sector and recreational octopus fishers can now do so under an exemption granted by the Department of Fisheries.

These traps have a flashing strobe light or plastic crab lure in the back of them which attracts the octopus.

Once the octopus attacks the lure, the trap door shuts and the octopus remains there until the pots are pulled.


Occy trap

Recfishwest believes this is a much more efficient
system than what is currently used,
doesn’t require baits and is much more species-selective.

Recreational fishers can use up to six trigger traps
during the exemption, which runs until March 31, 2015.

The two-year trial will be used to inform more permanent management arrangements for the recreational octopus fishery from 2015.

Trigger traps must be pre-approved by the Department of Fisheries, who can be contacted on 9482 7333. For further information please visit


Link to the exemption: